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Founder & Microblading Specialist

Anna started Babyface Brows Inc. in 2019 with the mission of prioritizing natural beauty within the beauty industry. In a world where high maintenance beauty was being put on a pedestal, she wanted to empower women to take a “less is more” approach with beauty – one where we free up more time to live a life that just feels good.

With over 5 years of experience in skin health and cosmetic tattooing, Anna loves to watch her clients transform from within as she treats them from a holistic approach and their natural beauty is enhanced.


Powder Brow Specialist

Destiny is a fun and high-spirited Cosmetic Tattooist who has over 12 years of experience in art. Her desire to help women live a more fulfilling life and save time in the morning led her to pursue a career in Permanent Makeup.

Destiny’s eye for symmetry and innate artistic abilities have helped create effortless, natural brows for clients. She provides a truly educational and calming x for clients so that they are well-prepared and confident in their brow transformations.

“Anna Zhang is on a mission. A mission to prove that any woman is capable of living a life that feels good.”

Hey ya’ll! It’s me, Anna.

If it’s your first time meeting me, welcome. I created Babyface Brows to help women wake up looking good always for no dang reason.

Look good when you’re just going for a walk with your dog.

Look good when you’re going for a grocery run.

Look good when you’re just chillin’ at home, doing nothing.

Why? When you invest in things that elevate everyday moments, that is the highest act of self-love. When you look good for no particular reason, you’re not doing it for anybody else. You’re doing it for you. You’re doing it because it just feels so good.

You can read more about my story here >>

Babyface Brows

Elevate everyday experiences.

Babyface Brows thrives on three core values: excellence, empowerment and integrity.

Excellence – We invest in the latest cutting edge tools, technology and education in order to give you the best possible results. Our artists are multi-certified and continue to study the industry in order to give clients a service that is worth the investment.

Empowerment – We continually educate and inform our community about our treatments so that they can choose the best style and shape that they feel confident in. The eyebrow tattooing process is a collaborative one and we want to make it simple for you to be a part of creating your beautiful brows together.

Integrity – Babyface Brows prides itself on being a business that prioritizes its clients. We practice high levels of infection control and transparent communication so that we can run this business in a way that’s honest and true to our clients.

What is Semipermanent Makeup?

Think of semipermanent artistry like this: makeup married tattooing and they gave birth to a beautiful new industry!

Semipermanent Makeup aka SPMU uses high quality pigments that are designed to fade over time so that you don’t get tattoo-like features stuck on your face. Instead, it’s meant to gently fade so that you have a natural finish. SPMU is maintained by touch ups and refresh appointments every 6-18 months.

Why tattoo my eyebrows?

Microblading is a form of SPMU that focuses on the eyebrows. We use different tools to help you achieve fuller, natural looking eyebrows that help you look more youthful and awake. Many of our clients struggle with sparse eyebrow hairs or unevenness, thus using semipermanent artistry can help our clients achieve the look of beautiful brows without worrying about getting up each morning to fuss about their brows.


Everyone on our team specializes in their area of expertise. They only offer a specific service so you know you will get the best service possible as that is their skill set! Please check out all of our reviews on Yelp and Google to see why our clients love us!

What services will I find at Babyface Brows?

We offer 3 types of semipermanent brows:


Powder Brow

Combination Brow

Ready to glow up?

Book an appointment now or schedule a complimentary 15-min call with us to learn more about which procedure would be best for you! Can’t wait to meet you!

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