babyface brows

Procedure Notes:
✏️ Method: Combination brow (Microblading for the front and Powder Shading for the tail)
🎨 Color: Permablend Forest Brown & Blackish Brown
🌸 Skin type: Fitzpatrick 3.5, Normal/Combination
Undertone: Olive

Client Desires: Our wonderful Rady came in requesting a pair of natural brows and asked that they not look like a block of color.

What we had to work with: Rady’s brows were beautiful and naturally full. However, there was quite a bit of unevenness so we had to first address the asymmetry.

First Procedure: We decided to go for a Combination brow technique, using microblading for the fronts of the brows and adding powder shading on the tails! This is the perfect style if you’re looking to have the best of both worlds (having a natural look AND having definition).

At our touch up appointment, we continued with the combination brow, this time really bumping up the shape and fullness. We filled in some empty spots that healed lighter than other areas and maintained a brow shape that was still natural and effortless.

Now Rady is all set to go! We’ll be seeing her in another year for her revisit appointment 🙂

Rady’s tip: Use blotting sheets to help you absorb excess oil during your healing process! This helped Rady’s strokes heal nicely without worrying about the face oils fading the pigment.