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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Soft Eyebrow Tattooing cost?

Price varies depending on the technique you prefer. Click here for the pricing list.

How long does an appointment take? What can I expect during my service?

The average time for a procedure is 2.5 hours. Before application, the client will undergo a consultation which includes going over colors, desired shape, arch, and thickness of the brows which have to first be outlined and drawn in before the actual procedure can begin. Once the design has been drawn on, you must approve. It’s a delicate process that requires precision and attention to detail.

Tip: You’re welcome to bring in a picture of the desired shape and we can use that to perfect the design to complement your unique face shape and size.

How long does it take to heal? Will I be able to return to work?

The healing period takes approximately 10 days to complete and minimal flaking may appear. Most of our clients have mentioned that while their eyebrows appeared darker for the first few days of healing, they did not feel self-conscious returning to work.

Can I work out while my eyebrows are healing?

Workouts such as yoga or light strength training during this period are fine since there is no sweating involved. However, intense workouts or steamy activities – i.e. hot yoga, saunas, hot pot, facial or lash treatments – are to be avoided during this 10 day period.

Tip: If you do engage in physical activity, please avoid touching your new eyebrows with unwashed hands.

How long will my eyebrow tattoo last?

In order to create the most natural-looking eyebrow tattoos, we implant pigment carefully into the skin at a shallow depth. Due to the shallow depth, results are semipermanent and will fade overtime with UV exposure to the sun. Depending on the skin type and health background of an individual, our natural eyebrow tattoos typically need a touch up every year.

Does it hurt?

Similar to any tattooing procedure, you may experience some slight discomfort. Our Soft Eyebrow Tattoos are created using a light handed technique so most clients do not feel pain. Before and during the procedure, your eyebrows are also treated with an anesthetic cream to reduce any discomfort. Click here to watch a short clip about discomfort levels associated with eyebrow tattooing.

Tip: Feelings of nervousness can heighten your sense of discomfort. If you tend to be nervous, doing some breathing techniques or meeting with your artist for a consultation beforehand may help! Don’t be afraid to reach out to us with any questions prior to your appointment by emailing

Can I wear makeup after?

We recommend that you avoid eyebrow makeup, foundation and concealer on/around the eyebrows during the 10-day healing period.

How can I wash my face and take a shower after the procedure?

Face Washing – You can wash your face with regular face cleanser around the eyebrows (and not directly on them). You will be given a special aftercare soap to use directly on the eyebrows.

Shower – We recommend to not stand with your face directly under running water. When washing your hair, tilt your head back carefully to avoid excess water or shampoo contact with the eyebrows. We also offer disposable shower visors that may help with eyebrow healing.

Is the 6-week touch up appointment necessary?

Yes! Cosmetic tattoos are a 2-step process. Your initial appointment sets the foundation of your new eyebrows and the 6-week touchup “perfects” it. You will notice that after your first procedure, there may be some light patches that need to be filled in. This step is important and is comparable to a second coat of nail polish.