babyface brows

Before & After

Powder Brow Transformation:
Patchy, Uneven Eyebrows


Our client had patchy eyebrows and requested a better and fuller shape. She wanted to stop using eyebrow makeup altogether, especially for the summertime.


Our goal was to balance out her eyebrows since one side was visibly lower than the other. We also wanted to fix the patchiness that the client was concerned about. For the most low maintenance, sweat-proof brows, we selected the Powder Brow treatment. Depending on each client and how s/he metabolizes the pigment, brows can last up to 18 months.

How to choose color:

We closely matched the ink to our client’s existing eyebrow color for the most natural look. We mixed cool medium brown with a drop of blackish brown.



The investment for this treatment is $650 for the initial session and $150 for the touch up appointment. The first touch up session is recommended 6 weeks from your initial appointment. Following touch ups are recommended every 1-2 years, or when your brows begin to fade.