Brooklyn, NY

3 Day Brow Training (beginner & experienced)

Next class:

August 29-31 (3 seats left)
September 26-28 (4 seats left)
October TBD

Techniques: How to perform machine shading and combo brows with machine strokes
Price: $2000
– Kit: machine shading tools, tattoo machine, cartridges, pigments, anesthetic, and more!
– Continued support after class
– Certificate
– This is ON-SITE learning at a cosmetic tattoo studio. You aren’t just in a classroom, you will experience what it’s like to serve a client in real time and learn of ways to turn your creative passion for permanent makeup into a real career!


(FREE Kit & Machine)

NO experience required. This course is slow-paced, detailed and thorough. It covers everything from skin type, brow mapping, assessing clients, choosing the right color pigment, use of tools, insurance, advertising & marketing, tips and tricks, photo editing, and many more.

(This class only exclusively uses a tattoo machine.)

Description of what is included in the class:

  • Students will receive a FREE kit and machine.
  • Learn 2 of Anna’s signature techniques:
  1. Combo Brows – Machine nano strokes in the head of brow and shading from the body to the tail.
  2. Powder Brows – full shading from head to tail, with a borderless airy technique

* Hands on practice with latex skin.
* Live demo model AND practice model are included
* Support after the training (Students may contact the instructor directly with questions)

This kit includes:
* Mast Pro Tattoo Machine
* 15 Needles
* 5 Bottles of Pigments
* 5 Pieces of Practice Skins
* Anesthetics
* 2 Mapping Pencils
* 1 Eyebrow Ruler
* 8 Disposable Eyebrow Razors
* 5 After Care Kits
* 1 Razor Blade
* 20 Pigment Cups
* 10 Disposable Mascara Brushes


All classes are scheduled from 10 AM – 5 PM

Day 1 (Theory)
Theory and technique will be taught through interactive activities and case studies in order for students to gain a strong background knowledge of permanent makeup.

Day 2 (Latex Practice & Live Demo Model)
This is a hands-on day. Students will practice the technique on latex skin with Anna’s guidance. There will be a live demo model for students to watch, while the instructor demonstrates the procedure from beginning to end. Days 1 & 2 will prepare students for working on their own model on day 3.

Day 3 (Student Model Day)
More theory will be covered including lessons on brow photography and social media marketing to help them further their game in the PMU industry.

On day 3, students will be able to take all the knowledge they learned and put them into use. The students will go over how to give client consultations and then work together on a model with Anna’s help. The student model practice is structured so that Anna will be watching every step of each student work from beginning to end. Students will then get access to a chat room of a supportive community of graduates where they have lifetime support.

Students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the class.