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We specialize in tattoo “building,” a process that results in a pair of soft eyebrows that are easy-to-wear and frame your unique face shape.

The Babyface Brows Studio was founded on the idea that no two clients are the same.

Each client’s skin type, brow shape, and beauty concerns are taken into account and the service is tailored to fit those unique needs.

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custom shape + color

1. Custom shape + color

At the start of your appointment, your artist will map your eyebrows. Mapping is a collaborative process where we assess your existing brows, ask you about your goals, and shape them according to your most flattering points.

light tattooing

2. Light tattooing

Next, your artist will tattoo soft layers of pigment onto the eyebrows so that they are natural and easy to wear.

easy healing

3. Easy healing

Finally, your artist will send you home with an aftercare kit that has been curated to promote skin healing. The aftercare process takes 10 days and our clients usually experience minimal to no flaking. Once healed, Semipermanent Eyebrows may last up to 1-2 years.



hi i’m anna, i'm so glad you're here

I founded Babyface Brows in 2019 with the goal of simplifying our clients’ grooming routines and making it possible for clients to look more put together without spending a lot of time on their eyebrows.

Since then, our team of hand-picked artists have transformed 400+ faces by providing the most natural eyebrow tattoos on the market.

Living in alignment with our dream selves can only happen when we are looking and feeling good. Thank you for choosing us to be by your side through your beauty journey!

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